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Other Sports & Fun Enjoyed By Our Family...

                                              Garrett enjoying his hobby of skateboarding Spring 2011!

               Thomas, Garrett, and Gregory enjoying some free time in Danville, Virginia, during our 9-day southern trip April 2009.




  Let's Go Mets!

                             Vinny, Laura & Wade stand at the old Shea Stadium Home Plate--yeah, in the new parking lot of Citi Field :(
                  I remember buying decent tickets for less than $10. The new stadium and prices make it a difficult regular family event!
 Our tickets were actually discounted from $125 each since the Mets were losing.  WE STILL ENJOYED THE GAME & BEING BACK IN THE BALL PARK!

                                   A view from another location....we were seated near 3rd base. Spectators are looking up at a fly ball.

                                                                                       We had a great view from our seats...

                           Standing at the old Shea Stadium Pitcher's Mound:  Thomas, Gregory, Wade Jr., Priscilla & Garrett. 


                                                             Wintertime on our farm...


                                                                         Gregory enjoying the slopes on our farm!                     



          Garrett enjoys sledless sliding down a revine in our woods 2007 during the winter hike.


                                                     Four-Wheeling and Sledding on our farm 2007


                                              Garrett racing a go-cart at the 2008 New York State Fair.

   Thomas, Vinny & Garrett goofing off in their little pedal boat.....           .....Laura, Gregory & Priscilla being a little more serious

                        Vinny mapping out our location with Garrett, Gregory, and Priscilla while Liberty stands guard for predators.

                         Gregory enjoying a little glory next to our friend Greg's which he's done some fast cruising!

                                             Thomas on the site of the 2002 & 2009 U.S. Open at Bethpage State Park, Long Island, NY.