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Horses Are A Part Of Our Family.....


       A beautiful photo taken by Royce Burgess showing Gregory and Jack Of My Heart in great form (8/08)                        

          Gregory successfully riding Saddlebred, Jitterbug, owned by the Hyde family, at the 2010 New York State Fair 4-H Horse Show. He came home with ribbons that year and in 2011. In 2012, Greg and Jitterbug placed in Equitation Over Fences and Hunter Hack, a great finish to his 4-H horse career before becoming a Marine in the United States military.



2012 IEA NATIONALS RESULTS:  Gregory is in the Top 10 nationally-ranked Open Reiners! 

2011 IEA NATIONALS RESULTS: Gregory wins 7th place in Intermediate Reining! 
         He now moves up to Open competition.

            I really missed having Garrett with us this year!
2010:  Interscholastic Equestrian Association (  
Gregory finishes with Reserve Champion . . .
           Garrett finishes with 3rd Place in the Zone 2 rankings!
           Both qualify to compete at the IEA NATIONALS at the Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers, Georgia, on April 24 and 25!

           Garrett ranks  3rd in the nation for his individual Western class!

Gregory ranks 4th in his team Western class and 7th in his individual Western class!

  Gregory riding at Alfred University's IEA Western Show January 2011.  He earned a 1st and 3rd for Reining, dedicating his rides in memory
  of a friend, Levi, who died that week.  The night before at the funeral home, Gregory told Levi's Mom that he would do that for Levi.  It
  brought a smile to her face in the midst of so much pain.

   Competing at the 2011 IEA Nationals at the Show Place Arena in Upper Marlboro, MD, Gregory finishes his Reining class with  a 7th place win.       
   Gregory just got on this unknown-to-him horse a few moments before he had to perform and was also required to use two hands instead of
   the usual one hand. This slide spanned an entire row of bleacher seats!


                                               Gregory......verrrrrry happy with his 7th place win in Reining at the 2011 IEA Nationals!



June 4, 2010 Wellsville Daily Reporter FRONT PAGE:  BOCK BROTHERS BRING HOME TITLES!!!                                                         

      Garrett riding to a title.....3rd ranked in nation for his 2010 IEA Nationals Western Horsemanship Class
(Note: The competition requires riders to use horses "drawn from a hat" that they are not accustomed to, even at the national level)



Gregory riding to a title.....4th & 7th ranked in nation for his 2010 IEA Nationals Western Horsemanship Classes
         (Note: The competition requires riders to use horses "drawn from a hat" that they are not accustomed to, even at the national level)  

  Georgia International Horse Park, Conyers, Georgia  -  Location of the 1996 Olympics and 2010 IEA Nationals 


                         Gregory & Garrett enjoying a break from the long day to pose with their ribbons. 
      Arrival is 6:30 a.m. to observe horses warming up and get to know their behavior for the first time (without knowing their draw yet). They have no time
                 to ride the horse until they are in the arena competing on them!   The wait was long with their horsemanship classes into the afternoon.

                                                 Gregory                                                                         Garrett



 4-H Competitions:

2010: Gregory ties for Sr. English Champion, stepping down to Reserve when tie breaker was the
               equitation class.....THEN he wins the overall EQUITATION CHAMPIONSHIP against the 1st & 2nd place
            winners in all divisions! For State Fair, he brought back ribbons in Dressage and jumping!

2009:  Gregory & Jack won Reserve Champion for Senior English & Open English Champion 14-18 at the
            Allegany County 4-H Horse Show!

2009:  Garrett & Glimmer won the Novice Reining Championship, along with 1st Places in their
           Novice Western Pleasure, Equitation, and Command classes for the highest number of performance 
           points at the 2009 Allegany County 4-H Horse Show!


 Garrett & Glimmer competing at the 2009 Allegany County Fair.

                    Garrett & Glimmer showing a winning style.

 Gregory & Jack compete in Hunter Under Saddle & Over Fences                 Gregory uses Garrett's horse, Glimmer, for Western
         (4-H Res. English Champion & Open English Champion 14-18)                                                 (Ranked 3rd highest point horse & rider team)

January 2009 Gregory & Garrett become Team Members of the Interscholastic Equestrian Association, Inc., Sponsored by Alfred University Equestrian Center, Alfred, New York.  Competitions
take place at various schools using horses usually unfamiliar and unknown to the competitors. 

                Gregory and Garrett arrive for an IEA riding lesson at the Alfred University Equestrian Center.

    Our kids: Gregory (white shirt, center right) and Garrett (blue shirt center 2nd right) with the other winners from
                       Alfred University's IEA Team after 2/7/09 Western morning show  in Tyrone, Pennsylvania
 2009 NEWS:  Gregory and Garrett finished the short season with success and a great experience.  Gregory qualified as a
team member to go to the IEA nationals at Erie College in Ohio....but then on April 4, 2009, at the Zone 2 Finals, he qualified to go as
an individual rider!  Congratulations!  Many thanks to the Alfred University instructors Nancy, Harry, Christina, and Marie, as well as
Mom and Shelly, too!
                             Gregory qualifies at IEA Zone 2 Finals April 4, 2009, as an individual rider to go on to Nationals....

                        Gregory with one of his ribbons from the IEA National Horse Show in Painesville, Ohio, on May 2, 2009.
              He successfully competed in two Western Horsemanship classes (one as an individual rider & one as a team member).  
       The Alfred University IEA teams ranked nationally 3rd for Garrett's middle school team and 9th for Gregory's high school team!!!

 Alfred University hosted an IEA Practice Show on January 31, 2009.....

 Gregory & Garrett on break after winning their first AU ribbons.                Gregory & Audrie with ribbons at day's end.

                                                      Garrett riding Remi in his Western Horsemanship Class.

               Gregory on Rufus relaxing before his English over fences class...              ...and on Teddy in his English on the flat class.


        Gregory and Jack Of My Heart have a successful day at Houghton College Equestrian Center's 2008 Christmas Fun Show.

Highlights From Years Gone By...

Laura helped Angel Sue deliver 3/4 Percheron Beauty At Moonrise at 1 a.m. as the moon was rising on April 17, 1998, on our farm. 
Beauty would become Laura's 17-Hand dream horse who brought her back into jumping.  Riding him is like riding on top of the world!

Besides growing up on a horse farm since age 8, Laura also worked at a multi-million dollar Thoroughbred race horse farm on the North Shore of Long Island
where she was assigned to the mare & foal barn and also rode one of the Thoroughbred stallions.  Later on Long Island, she was asked to manage Knoll Farm,
owned by David and Anne Gribbons (of Dressage fame). Though Laura regrettably was not able to do this because of a financials computer career, she helped
as a hostess during some Olympic-qualifying Dressage shows held at Knoll Farm.


Priscilla's Black Beauty (By Beauty At Moonrise) with Mom, Promise, September 2002. 
Priscilla has trained BB herself to become an enjoyable trail horse and is preparing him
for showing.

Raising Our Foals With Our Kids...

Six-year-old Gregory with Angel's yearling stud colt, Pulsator July 2000 on our farm.  Temperment is our key for successful training.


Horse & Rider Partnerships...

          Laura and Beauty 2004.


Garrett riding his horse, Moon's Glimmering Promise ("Glimmer"), at their first show together in
July 2007.  Glimmer is Beauty's 2001 son out of Promise.


Gregory aboard his horse, Jack Of My Heart, in August 2007.  Jack is Beauty's 2000 son out of Promise.


   Priscilla aboard Laura's horse, Beauty At Moonrise, in August 2007. They were in the top fifteen out of sixty something at State in this class.


A new combination of horse and rider brings two trophies!  Beauty and Gregory win the Youth Draft
Horse Showmanship Trophy and Youth Draft Horse Under Saddle Trophy in July 2007.  Gregory never
rode Beauty before until a few minutes before his under saddle class--he was an unexpected entry!
Beauty takes care of his rider with his superb temperment.  Gregory is a brave, talented rider at just
13 years old!


Herd Manager...

Our Watchful Rottweiler, Liberty Rose, atop our hayfield in July 2007.  She is Vinny's "right-hand dog" and our best friend.

                                       Laura and Beauty riding over practice jump June 2007 at Brentwood Stables. 
                                              Laura is wearing her personal design of Secure-Ride Skirted Breech©

                                                Priscilla and her mare, Promise, who was a gift from Grandpa.
                         Promise is the mother of three sons: Jack, Glimmer and Black Beauty by Beauty At Moonrise.

                                      Gregory as a working student with his horse, Jack, in August 2008, at Stampede Farm.

  Garrett and Promise (the mother of his horse, Glimmer) at his 2008 4-H Horse Show.  It was their first time to
show together.  They successfully won many excellents in their classes, along with three championship rosettes!

                        Gregory and Jack Of My Heart Getting Ready to Enter at "A" For Their Dressage Test at their 2008 4-H Fair.
                                          The following month, they won two 6th place rosettes at the state competition.

  Garrett successfully bringing Promise over the Trail Class bridge July 2008.  Promise has always hated the bridge obstacle of trail
class.  Garrett is the first to get it done smoothly!  Promise has the look that every trail horse should have when encountering an
obstacle...alert, checking things out calmly, and safely carrying her rider over the obstacle.  


      Gregory and Beauty returning from Youth Draft Showmanship July 2008.                          Beauty showing off his Draft-Under-Saddle Ribbons.
Our enormous thanks go to Leon Lacey for letting us use his show halter!!!

               Priscilla getting ready to go home with Beauty.                                       Gregory and Jack happy that all the horse shows are over.

                                                    Garrett and Promise finally done with a week at their 2008 county fair.