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Dwarf Hotot:

Some past youth history..... 

We did great 2008!!! 
#1 in New York State for Open Dwarf Hotot!!!
#1 in ADHRC District 7 Youth for Dwarf Hotot!!!
...and 17th in nation for ADHRC Youth with only 4 sanctioned shows counted out of 10 total

We did fine in 2009!!!!
#1 in New York State for Open Dwarf Hotot!!!
#1 in ADHRC District 7 Youth for Dwarf Hotot!!!

We did it again in 2010!!!!
1 in New York State for Open Dwarf Hotot!!!
#1 in ADHRC District 7 Youth for Dwarf Hotot!!!

Allegany County 4-H agents, Tricia H. and Michelle S., stand proudly with Garrett, Gregory, Priscilla, and Thomas
as they hold their awards for #1 ARBA District 7 Youth Dwarf Hotot (New York, New England, E. Canada, Nova Scotia,
and New Foundland) and #1 ARBA New York State Open Dwarf Hotot for the 2007-2008 show year.


2008-2009 Show Season #1 again for New York Sweepstakes - Open Dwarf Hotot

Many BOB & BOS wins through the year, including 3 out of the 4 top positions in Ithaca, New York (BCRBA) out of 25 


                                              Our 2007 champion herd buck, 
Vin-Laur's King John III 
                                                             (Vin-Laur's Sweet Pea II x Vin-Laur's King John II)
                                                                            Great grandson of King Kayle


           Posing for the cover of the 2010 Spring Dwarf Hotot News . . . . . . . . . . . . . and waiting patiently to soon win 7th Sr. Buck at the 2010 ARBA Convention 
Champion herd buck Vin-Laur's Paramount
He started his first show season winning 3 Legs as a junior and
continued winning his 7th & 8th at the New York
Convention, for a total of 8 in his first show season!
Great to be in the Top 10 nationally....Not only did Gregory & Garrett make it as 9th in the nation as youth competitors,
as well as 1st in New York State Sweepstakes and 1st in District 7 Sweepstakes, but two of our Dwarf Hotots went on
to be Top 10 in the nation among rabbits from the best breeders (including judges) in America!

                      Laura with Judge Glen Carr showing off the Open competition 7th Place out of 32 Sr. Buck, Vin-Laur's Paramount,
                            and his 7th Place out of 35 Jr. Doe daughter, Vin-Laur's Queen Estelle, at the 2010 ARBA Convention in
                                                  Minneapolis, Minnesota.  There were a total of 20,000 rabbits in the showroom.

                           Vin-Laur's Isabelle with her Best of Breed Trophy
                                                         (Vin-Laur's Sweet Pea II x Vin-Laur's Prince Charming)
                            She won her 3rd Leg to become a champion at the age of 3 years old and after having 6 litters!!! 


                                                     Another Best of Breed for champion Vin-Laur's Daisy Belle  
                                                       (Vin-Laur's Prince Charming x Vin-Laur's Sweet Pea II)


                                         Laura posing with Judge Roger Cota and Champion Vin-Laur's Daisy Belle
                                      TARBA Show in Cortland, New York


Our Show & Breeding Stock Rabbits.....Mini Rex:

 Some past youth history and foundation stock that still carries on..... 

Sr. Broken Black Doe Latte' wins 2008 Reserve Best In Show Allegany County Fair 4-H Show! 
Sr. Broken Black Doe Swiss Miss becomes a champion in 2009
2009 Olean Show (CCRBA) we won 3 of the 4 top open positions!


               Garrett and Thomas with Best of Breed out of 87 Seal Senior Doe, KO's Rexxy (PW's Baby Buck x PW's Exquisite), with
                                              Judge Lindsey Benoit October 2006 New York State Convention.



   One of our champion Mini Rex foundation bucks, Higher Ground Farm's LawnMowerMan, blended well with our lines. 



    Champion doe, Vin-Laur's Swiss Miss, was the granddaughter of Garrett's rabbit and foundation buck, Vin-Laur's Oreo



Our Show & Breeding Stock Rabbits.....Holland Lop:

Champion Priscilla's Snickers developed by Priscilla and still being used in the Vin-Laur Rabbitry (Vee's Cocoa x Priscilla's Reeses).
Born 2/7/2003, he's still winning at 5 years old!!!  



                                               Another win for Priscilla's Snickers  at 4 1/2 years young!!!
                                    He just won Best of Breed at the 2007 New York State Fair 4-H Rabbit Show!





                                  The type of Holland Lop we like to produce:  Junior Doe  Vin-Laur's Cococcina "Chena"
                                                                   (Priscilla's Snickers x Vin-Laur's Jenny)