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                     R A B B I T S   F O R   S A L E

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NOTE:  We always have something available!   Please contact Laura for currently-available rabbits
             If you can travel to the southern tier of Western New York to purchase a rabbit,
             let me know!  We'd be happy to help you find the right match.  We may also be
             able to meet at a rabbit show.

                Because of our satellite up/download limitations, I am limited on my photo uploads.  I will be glad to send more via email or cell phone.


Mini Rex  -  Holland Lop  -  Dwarf Hotot


                                             For anyone wanting to become a Dwarf Hotot breeder.....
                             please contact Laura (ADHRC District 7 Director) to help get you started.


Breeding Stock/Pet Rabbits For Sale...Always something available!  Ask about more.  Pet rabbits are just
as much purebred rabbits as our show stock. All I have to do is look into their eyes to see that they are precious, too.
Though they aren't the type to show, they can still be someone's beloved pet!  Rabbits are always available for special
homes where they can live out happy lives.  We do not sell meat or fur rabbits nor do we sell to snake owners...and so
we may have pet rabbits available for a very small price!