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Show Time Happenings........thanks for sharing our fun!

Some Long-Ago Family Show History . . . 


                      Garrett, shown with Judge Derek Poole, wins Best In Show with Holland Lop junior buck, Nazdak at the
                                                                        2009 Allegany County Fair 4-H Rabbit Show.

                                                                           Vin-Laur's Nazdak and his Best In Show Trophy

                                 Priscilla, shown with Judge Derek Poole, wins Reserve Champion Advanced Showmanship!
               This was Priscilla's last year in 4-H. She has a huge collection of showmanship trophies to be proud of,
                   along with BOB's and Best In Shows!  Congratulations on a fine 4-H career--do well in college!

                                                          Priscilla doing a fine job demonstrating Rabbit Showmanship....

                                            Gregory had to juggle between showing his horse and showing his rabbits!!!


Steuben County Fair Open ARBA Show August 22, 2009......

                                     Vin-Laur's Paramount wins his 4th Leg with a BOB (1st as a senior) to become a champion!
                                                        He proved himself to be a great young herd buck already, too!

                                    Still pretty....Vin-Laur's Isabelle wins her 3rd Leg with a BOS at age 3 and after 6 litters!!!  

2009 Broome County RBA's Cayuga Lake Rabbit Festival Show....

                                           One of our great herd bucks, Jaylor's Milo, won BOS and BOB (6th & 7th Legs) at the
                                                                  Broome County RBA Double Show June 2009.

  2008 Allegany County Fair 4-H Rabbit Show....
Best In Show, Junior Buck Holland Lop Vin-Laur's Magnum S      Reserve Best In Show, Mini Rex Senior Doe Vin-Laur's Latte'
       This guy's Dad won the same a few years back!                         This girl's Grandpa won the same a few years back!

                                                                        2008 Allegany County Fair 4-H Rabbit Show
                                  Judge Jody H. & Chaz with Priscilla & BIS Holland Lop Magnum S (still posing!), Garrett & RBIS Mini Rex Latte', 
                                                                          and Gregory with BOB Dwarf Hotot Grace

                             Priscilla and Garrett look on during judging of Dwarf Hotots at the 2008 Allegany County 4-H Rabbit Show.


                                                                                        Rabbit Showmanship

   Priscilla eloquently goes through the steps.....                    Gregory (still dressed in his horse show shirt)                      Garrett ties for the Junior trophy

2008 Niagara Frontier Rabbit Show...

                 BOB Dwarf Hotot Vin-Laur's Prince Mark                                          BOS from MADHC Specialty - Vin-Laur's King John III
  Prince Mark won the 2009 Pennsylvania Farm Show Open BOB
                        with new owner, Marilyn!!!  

                                                 Judge Pam N. with BOB winner, Laura B. and BOS winner, Beth C.


2008 New York Convention...

    Gregory, Garrett, and Laura with three Dwarf Hotot trophies from the New York Convention Saturday AM and PM Shows.....
   Sr. Buck Jaylor's Milo won both BOB's on Saturday!!!                       Jr. Doe Vin-Laur's Princess Meredith debuted and won a BOS!!!
               These were his 4th and 5th Legs.                                  Her mother was on the cover of the ADHRC Dwarf Hotot News Fall 2008.


2008 Mohawk Valley/Otsego County RCBA Shows, Frankfort, New York....

 Garrett wins BOSB in Open Dwarf Hotot while Beth                                  Garrett competes in the Open Mini Rex classes.
from Canada wins BOB. Judge Alan P. in background.                   LawnMowerMan gets his 4th Leg, and others win BOV/BOSV
                              Taking a little breather amongst his own rabbits in the soaring temperatures, Garrett is surrounded by 
                                                         nearly 3,000 more Rabbits at the 2008 Mohawk Valley/Otsego Show!!!
                                                          The rest was well needed with little sleep and leaving at 2:49 a.m.!!!

     Jaylor's Milo wins Best Opposite of Breed at the Otsego RCBA Show (doubled with Mohawk Valley) in Frankfort, New York June 7, 2008.
                                             The next weekend, Milo won his 3rd Leg to become an ARBA Champion!


  LawnMowerMan earns his 3rd Championship Leg at the Finger Lakes RBA Mini Rex Specialty Show May 10, 2008, Canandaigua, New York.
   He went on to win a 4th Leg (4 shows in a row) in Frankfort, New York, June 7, 2008. He stays in shape by doing acrobats in his cage!

     Gregory watching Judge Mark S. at the Open Mini Rex                             Garrett and Thomas smiling with BOB's "Snickers" and
    competition in which his Jr. Doe "Swiss Miss" won BOB                                      "Isabelle" after a long day of showing at the
      and his Sr. Buck "HGF's LawnMowerMan" won BOS                                2007 New York State Fair 4-H Rabbit Show
  2008 Cattaraugus County RBA Show, Olean, New York                                                             Syracuse, New York
                        (see their photos below)
                                           A very successful finish to Thomas' 11-year 4-H career!

         Jr. Doe "Swiss Miss" won Open BOB         .............and her father won..............   Open BOS - Sr. Buck "HGF's LawnMowerMan"
                                                              2008 CCRBA Show at the Olean Mall, in Olean, New York
          Both went on to win again as BOV & BOS at the Finger Lakes May 10, 2008, Youth Show with LawnMowerMan continuing
                                                      with winning BOSB at the FLRBA Mini Rex Specialty that day.
                 LawnMowerMan is a high-energy guy who needs more pellets because he's always bouncing around his cage. 
                                                                       No wonder he's in such great condition!
Note:  Garrett is very proud that his buck, Oreo, is the grandfather of three BIG winners: Fudge Man, Latte', Swiss Miss, and Brown Bonnet

                                 Jr. Buck "King John III" won BOB at his first show - Mid-Atlantic Dwarf Hotot Specialty
                                                     Hosted at the 2008 CCRBA Show in Olean, New York.
                       He caught my eye soon after he emerged from the nest box.  I love this tiny guy's looks and personality,
                     and so he is carrying on the kingship from my "King" Line, originating with his great grandfather, King Kayle. 


                                                Sr. Doe "Grace" won BOS alongside her half-brother, "King John III 
                                            We hope she champions out before being used to raise some nice babies!       

        Gregory waiting for the rush of classes to begin at                        Laura & "HGF's LawnMowerMan" at the 2008 CCRBA Show           
                               CCRBA's 2008 Show                                                             (Thanks for the new show coat, Vinny!)                                           
        Approximately 1,050 rabbits competed that day at                 The funny part of ending the day is going in the mall
                                    The Olean Mall                                                                   to rub on some perfumed hand lotion!

A typical example of our show cargo that had to fit back into a little Jimmy after  
the 2008 Cattaraugus Co. RBA Show.  After we arrived home (45-minute drive) to
unload the rabbits, I quickly went to town to
visit Thomas in the hospital and to
surprise him with our winnings.  The fun part of that was wearing my "Lab" show
coat into the hospital and kidding with the nurses that I  wasn't  really a doctor--very 
evident by the essence of rabbit

                       Gregory competing in Open Best In Show competition with Broken Black Mini Rex Jr. Doe "Swiss Miss"
                                            Congratulations to Joe K. for winning that with his New Zeland!!!
                                                                2008 CCRBA Show, Olean, New York

  Judge Roger C. & Laura at TARBA Show in      Judge Pam N. & Laura at CCRBA Show in       Garrett happily smiling after winning Youth BOB   
  Cortland, NY, with Champion "Daisy Belle"     Olean, NY, with BOB Jr. Buck "King John III"    with Sr. Holland Lop "Snickers" and Judge Deb V.
                                                                         & BOS Sr. Doe "Grace"  (see photos above)             2007 Niagara Frontier Rabbit Club Show
                                                                         Mid-Atlantic Dwarf Hotot Specialty Show                                  Hamburg, New York

     Garrett and newly-purchased Holland Lop "King Kuster"                       Garrett getting refreshed afterwards at 
           take advantage of a resttime inbetween classes...
                                                Cayuga Lake

      The best thing I like about going to rabbit shows is spending time with family and friends and giving my kids a treat afterwards.  
 Here I am with Garrett relaxing on the shoreline of one of the Finger Lakes--Cayuga Lake--in Ithaca, NY, after a long show day June 2007.

           Best In Show Youth competition at 2007 Niagara Frontier Rabbit Club Show...Garrett is in blue jacket/orange t-shirt.
                                                                             Who else do you recognize?

              Laura with BOB "Jaylor's Milo,"                                              Laura with Judge Don H. and BOB Sr. Doe "Daisy Belle"
Darlene with BOS "Vin-Laur's May" and Judge Deb V.                                            and BOS Jr. Buck "Bravado"
Mid-Atlantic Dwarf Hotot Specialty - Hamburg, NY                              2007 Niagara Frontier Rabbit Club Show - Hamburg, NY 
  Thomas watches Judge Paul K. and "Jaylor's Radiant" who won                               .....Thomas and Garrett with their blue ribbons
 Best Jr. Buck at the New York State Fair 4-H Rabbit Show. Thomas                            from the New York State Fair 4-H Rabbit Show
         started his 4-H Rabbit Show career here in 1997 representing                 See photo to left and way above with the
BOB's they won that day!
            Allegany County. This was his last day competing as a 4-Her!

                                 2007 New York State Fair 4-H Rabbit Show - Best In Show competition
                                                           (Thomas and Garrett on far right)

                                  2007 New York State Fair 4-H Rabbit Show - Best In Show competition
                                                (Opposite set of tables across from Thomas & Garrett) 
                                             Hard-working Judy B. helps put on another great show!

          Judge Deb V. looking over "Snickers" as                                 "Judges' Conference" - Making sure they make the
                   Thomas and Garrett look on.                                         right choice are Judges Roger C., Paul K., and Deb V.
                                                2007 New York State Fair 4-H Rabbit Show - Best In Show competition

        Gregory, Priscilla, Garrett, and Judge Sam R. at                        Many Winnings of Garrett, Gregory, Thomas, and Priscilla,
               Allegany County Fair 4-H Rabbit Show                                           Allegany County Fair 4-H Rabbit Show


    Judge Robert S. with Garrett & Gregory's BOB at                                  Judge Eric S. with Gregory & Garrett's BOB "Snickers"
                    North Country RBA Show
                                                               Cattaraugus County RBA Show at the Olean
                       Morrisville, New York                                                                         Recreational Center, Olean, New York


       Garrett & "Daisy" win a Costume Class award!                                              Priscilla with BOB "Snickers" and Judge Frank D. at the
                 Memories from 2002!                                                                               2004 North Country RBA Show in Morrisville, NY
                                                                                                                           Priscilla "created" this masterpiece of a rabbit in 2003.

                                        Do you recognize anyone?     Roger judges the 2004 Youth Best In Show competition. 
      (Left to Right) Gregory, Priscilla, Garrett, _______, _______, our friend Candace, _______, _______, _______, and ________  



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